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When you manage to find a good bottle water cooler it can make a big difference in your day. A refreshing drink of cool water can cue you of a favorite day on the trail. Taking a break from the routine stress of the day can restore you and make the day much more tolerable.

For the home, a great and simple design is the ceramic crock. They will typically view as the standard five gallon water jug and the crock helps oneself to keep the water cooler than room temperature. Theyre also very adaptable if decide to use a different type of water system, such as a water bottle substitute. You may arrive systems on the market that you fill with tap water, but are the same size and shape as the typical deported water bottle. These organisations filter the water and save you the cost of having water delivered as well as the inconvenience of storing five gallon jugs.

For the office you will typically want to stick with the lower bottle water cooler as you would have to find someone who would agree through which refill the the bottle-less system on a regular basis. Also now if it were not to get filled that would likely lead to bad blood in the office. Imagine the typical dustup when someone does not make a new pot of coffee after using the last cup, but amplified.

If you choose to use a crock on the office rather than the traditional cooler, you can get a stand to make up for the fact that most offices will not have extra counter space on which to place a crock. The stands are typically quite nice looking and sturdy enough to hold the crock along with the water bottle.

One thing you want to watch out for when getting a stand for a water crock is the construction method and material. It should go without saying that the stand should be resistant to water, but you would be surprised by how many stands are made from masonite or particle board and held together with water based glue. This seems to be a recipe for disaster.

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